Supplier Promotion


22 AUGUST 2019


Leaders since 2007 in the field of digital office automation and the ICT space.

Gravity Office Solutions is a company committed to the highest standards of product and service delivery.

We place great value on ethical business practices and client satisfaction.

With extensive experience and understanding best practice measures, we offer a hands-on, comprehensive and direct-line approach as a total turnkey ICT partner, to ensure the seamless integration of complex technology types in the ever-changing office environment.

Behind every strong brand, there is a strong leader whose beliefs and principles form part of the company ethos.

“We occupy a dominant position in our field and are held in high regard by our world-class suppliers for good reason. We seek out highly advanced and top-quality office technology. We uphold solid business practices which aim to exceed expectations. We focus on consistent outstanding customer service. By walking alongside each customer as they plan their ICT strategy, we can ensure that their decisions achieve the desired, optimal results.” Ian Dornan – Managing Director