Petroleum Gas Safety

Petroleum Gas Safety


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Be safe, know the law, protect yourself and use Liquified Petroleum Gas safely.

Why do I need to use a registered LPGas Installer? According to the Law, LPGas appliances must be installed and serviced safely, by a Registered LPGas Installer.

If someone other than a Registered LPGas Installer does the gas work, it is illegal and you could be risking your safety and property.

All Registered LPGas Installers are issued with an identification card. This card contains their SAQCC registration number and level of expertise. Every completed installation must be issued with a Certificate of Conformity as required by Law (PER regulations).

HOW do I find a registered LP Gas Installer? There are Registered Installers throughout the country and a regularly updated list is available at the following website: If you do not have access to the Internet, please feel free to contact us on: 0860 10 20 03 (office hours)

You can also find your nearest Registered Installer, by simply sending an SMS with the word “gas”, followed by a space, followed by your suburb to 33311.

LPGas appliancesare required to conform with theNational Standards and legal requirements. Such products should have a verification permit obtained by LP Gas Safety.

The LPGas Safety Association is working hard to stamp out illegal gas work. Saving Rands may seem like a good idea, but getting an illegal gas installation done, could put you, your business and family´s lives at risk. Illegal LPGas workers often do not have the qualifications and skills to carry out gas work safely. It is our priority to protect everyone from unsafe gas
work. If you think someone is working on gas illegally, tell us and we will investigate.

In the interests of a safer South Africa
Dennis M Herold
Chief Executive Officer
LPGas Safety Association of SA
+27 11 886 9702 (T)
+27 11 886 0770 (F)