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22 AUGUST 2019


Leaders since 2007 in the field of digital office automation and the ICT space.

Gravity Office Solutions is a company committed to the highest standards of product and service delivery.

We place great value on ethical business practices and client satisfaction.

With extensive experience and understanding best practice measures, we offer a hands-on, comprehensive and direct-line approach as a total turnkey ICT partner, to ensure the seamless integration of complex technology types in the ever-changing office environment.

Behind every strong brand, there is a strong leader whose beliefs and principles form part of the company ethos.

“We occupy a dominant position in our field and are held in high regard by our world-class suppliers for good reason. We seek out highly advanced and top-quality office technology. We uphold solid business practices which aim to exceed expectations. We focus on consistent outstanding customer service. By walking alongside each customer as they plan their ICT strategy, we can ensure that their decisions achieve the desired, optimal results.” Ian Dornan – Managing Director

Supplier Promotions


22 AUGUST 2019


Giggling Gourmet originally started out as a catering operation in late 1996 fuelled by the constant badgering by friends and relatives for Jenny Morris to supply prepared meals and fill freezers, this in turn led to word of mouth referrals to corporate customers requiring catering services.

As from early 1997 Jenny Morris a.k.a. Giggling Gourmet started professionally. Instead of just supplying a list of menus, all menus are tailored, customised and personalised to our customers needs in terms of venue, budget and type of function.

Amongst the local list of companies and individuals Jenny has catered for some of the world’s most well known celebrities when they have visited Cape Town including:

  • Sir David Wilcox, conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, at his performance of Verdi’s Requiem – 1 000 guests
  • The Duke & Duchess of Kent at a party given by the British High Commissioner for the BT Challenge
  • HRH Prince Charles during his visit to South Africa with Prince William and Prince Harry, shortly after the death of Princess Diana
  • American Vice President Al Gore & South African President Thabo Mbeki at an intimate luncheon and then with the full South African cabinet for the USA – SA Bi-National conference luncheon at Kirstenbosch, the South African National Botanical Gardens
  • A function given by the South African government at which the United States Ambassador to South Africa was a guest
  • Caprice on her visit to SA to launch her range of products
  • Patrick Holford on a visit to SA to launch one of his books
  • A function given for the Swedish Prime Minister on his visit to South Africa
  • A function held in Cape Town for the Commonwealth Judges and magistrates
  • An art exhibition given by the Dutch Ambassador to South Africa
  • Charlize Theron, South African born Hollywood star, in South Africa as guest of honour at a function given by Cosmopolitan magazine
  • A private function for President Kenneth Kaunda on a visit to South Africa
  • British MP Peter Hain, on a visit to South Africa while promoting trade in Africa
  • A function held in Cape Town for the president of Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan
  • A function in Cape Town for the top executives of Sainsburys (of the UK) while on a visit to the Cape region
  • And many a function for the man on the corner



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22 AUGUST 2019


The Free Market Foundation (Southern Africa) is an independent public benefit organisation founded in 1975 to promote and foster an open society, the rule of law, personal liberty, and economic and press freedom as fundamental components of its advocacy of human rights and democracy based on classical liberal principles. It is financed by membership subscriptions, donations and sponsorships.*

Our history

The FMF was established to counter the steadily increasing intervention in the economy by the government of the time. Protectionism, high inflation, price controls, bureaucracy and relentless enforcement of racial discrimination all escalated during the 1970’s. In 1977 the FMF became a national body when it received the support of major institutions, including SACOB, AHI, NAFCOC, TUCSA, the National Black Consumer Union, and the National Consumer Union. Representatives of major companies played an active role in the reconstitution of the Foundation and commenced participation in its affairs.