Restaurant News


14 JUNE 2019


Joburg boasts some amazing coffee shops and cafes, each with a unique offering; adding to those is The Tree Garden, which recently opened.

Founded by 21-year-old Amanda Jojo, The Tree Garden coffee shop offers a variety of coffees filter, French press, Turkish, cappuccinos and espressos.

The coffee shop also offers different teas (normal tea fruit infusions and ice tea), confectionery, dairy free ice-cream, fresh juices, pastries, salad and other gluten free food.

Born in Joburg, Jojo said The Tree Garden is something very close to her heart and it’s been a dream that came to reality about two year ago.

I love coffee so much. I really like great quality coffee and I judge coffee a lot, so it*s been my dream to have a place where I can get to have coffee as much as I can and also share that coffee experience with a lot of people.

Also the most important thing is to let people know that there is no right way to have coffee; that is why we have a large variety of coffees on our menu, and therefore I thought the coffee and tea business is what I need to do in order to get the aforementioned.

I feel like coffee makes you feel great while tea makes you calm and relaxed. I love the peace both beverages come with,§ she said.

Explaining the meaning behind The Tree Garden, Jojo says there are many trees in their garden and they wanted to highlight that they were a tea and coffee house, so the two combinations sounded much nicer and unique.

She said at The Tree Garden they were dedicated to sourcing the best coffee and tea.

Our tea is from Toni Glass Collection which is a remarkable infusion of both tradition and new-age tea drinking sourced from all corners of the world We also have House Blend from Earthen Coffee roasters, blended different African origins, Kenyan coffee from BLK which is obviously a Kenyan origin roasted here in Centurion by a black owned roastery,” said Jojo.

As part of the plans for The Tree Garden, Jojo said she would like to get into the delivery scene where their neighbours could order coffee or tea while they are at home or at the office; and also looking at introducing more food to their menu he said her favourite tea had to be the fruit infusion without milk but with two sugars, and her favourite coffee was the ice coffee or a good cappuccino with sugar.

The Tree Garden coffee shop is situated in 26 Swart Drive, President Park in Midrand.