FMF MEDIA BRIEFING Transformation via legislation vs transformation via growth

FMF MEDIA BRIEFING Transformation via legislation vs transformation via growth

11 May 2017


President Zuma is right! South Africa needs radical economic transformation.

We have radical economic stagnation. What we need is radical economic prosperity.

Radical redistribution with stagnation redistributes poverty not wealth.

Had early 1994 pro market reforms continued, the economy would have grown at an average of around 7% per annum and wealth would have quadrupled by now. At the current rate of less than 1%, it will take 140 years for wealth to quadruple.

Speaker:     Leon Louw, Executive Director FMF

Wednesday, 17 May 2017
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There is no room for informed debate about how radical economic prosperity can be achieved. The evidence is as conclusive as evidence gets in social science that radical economic reform towards slashing the size and functions of government produces prosperity and transformation.

If current policies are maintained or intensified, they will result in continued stagnation. Things are much worse than they seem.

The illusion of stagnation occurs if we measure our performance in terms of rands. In more realistic dollar, sterling or euro terms, we are already experiencing radical economic contraction.

With the perpetuation or intensification of current policy trends towards a greater role for government, more government redistribution, the failure to privatise state-owned enterprises, the highest levels of taxation and spending in our history, and the wild growth of stifling regulation, prosperity and transformation will be impossible.

What the government should do to turn its quest for radical economic transformation into reality is to emulate what governments in high growth transformative countries do and discontinue emulation of failed states.

Speaker: Background:

Leon Louw is a well known South African personality who, for over a generation, has been active in diverse aspects of public life. He is credited with having had a significant impact on the course of events in South Africa, especially regarding the extensive economic reforms that took place during the last two decades of apartheid, and the inclusion of the property rights clause in the constitution. With his wife, Frances Kendall, he was nominated thrice for the Nobel Peace Prize for proposals made in their book South Africa: The Solution. Leon is the Executive Director of the Free Market Foundation.
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