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12 JUNE 2019


30 on Marriott is a hub that accommodates different facets of lifestyle.

If you are around Durban, you can now dine, as well as shop, and savour mouthwatering dishes at this unique boutique, 30 on Marriott.

30 on Marriott is a luxury space which stocks both men’s and women’s designer collections.

Headlined by award-winning fashion designer Mxolisi “Luke” Mkhize and Derrick Mhlongo, 30 on Marriott boasts unique décor complemented by fine-dining every Sundays twice a month.

Award-winning fashion designer Mxolisi “Luke” Mkhize.

Mkhize said together with Mhlongo they decided to open up a space into sharing their concept of fusing food, fashion and music.

“30 on Marriott houses three other local designers and Thandi Dlamini who comes with the element of food. Basically, we wanted to explore the concept of having a hub that accommodates different facets of lifestyle and fashion and finding all of that at a one-stop shop.

In the near future we’re looking at having someone who does hair, make-up and nails. We have been fortunate enough that when we started this there have been brands that have seen it such as Distell, Graham Beck and Lungi’s Corner who have asked to use the space to do food pairings and with that we have received huge support from Durban people”, he said.

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30 on Marriott is a hub that accommodates different facets of lifestyle.

Mkhize said they try to use the resources available inside to the place come alive where sometimes they do a gala dinner setup and sometimes arrange the place with different lounges to give people a new experience of the same venue.

“We also change our menu each Sunday. We engage with people prior to the event, so we can know what to prepare. My favourite dish that I like to prepare is creamed samp, oxtail and cream spinach. I also have a special starter which is made from sweet potato, tangy garlic mayo with tuna garnished with peppers and coriander. It just opens up your palate, that’s why I usually serve it as a starter”

“When it comes to beverages, we serve normal drinks that people like having like ciders, beers and a variety of cocktails which change every week just so to give people a different taste,” he said.

30 on Marriott is situated at 30 Glady’s Mazibuko Road. 

For bookings, you can email or