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12 JUNE 2019


Vasco’s Restaurant introduces new curries to its ‘curry cup’ evenings

Warming, wholesome and delicately spiced curry makes the perfect comfort food at any time of the year.

This past weekend we took our taste buds on a tour through a variety of new and exciting curry dishes from Vasco’s Restaurant at Hilton Durban. The new additions were introduced at their ‘curry cup’ evening and we have to admit, we enjoyed every moment.

Curry Cup is a new concept similar to the Flavours of the East evenings the restaurant hosted last year. So whether you want to do your Indian attire or go casual-the one thing that remains constant is the delicious, authentic Indian meals on offer.

We tucked into the curries, from prawn masala, chicken tikka masala angara, shubnam curry which is a vegetable curry and lamb masala served with rice or naan.

The curries are prepared by Tandaroo Chef, Anis Ahmed and change every week. At R280pp, there’s plenty of options.

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The prawn masala, is very similar to Sri Lankan style curry, with a very thick sauce with tomato base and fill flavour of richness.

This is prepared with tomato, onion, peppers, garlic, green chilli, turmeric, garam masala, jeera, dhania and mint and this was definitely the high of the evening.

This is a simple, delicious dish that can be paired with rice or roti. It is packed with flavour and most ingredients used are those great spices we expect in Indian cuisine.


Angara, means the red burning charcoal , this is where the name comes from. Meaning that the chicken should be cooked to the same colour as the flaming hot charcoal.

Chicken is marinated in a tandoori masala for three hours, after this it is cooked in the tandoori clay oven. This is then served in a sauce prepared with a mixture of Chef Anis secret spice, green pepper, onion tomato and yoghurt.


Lamb is a great dish, as it’s got such a distinct flavour and definitely one best. Chef Anis used some finely diced vegetables to prepare the sauce to add a different depth in the sauce. Especially due to the fact that people do not eat as much vegetable as they should this is a great way to incorporate in to the daily meal plan.


Here the chef used mushrooms, chick peas and bell peppers.This is a light tomato based curry, with added spices of nutmeg, ginger, garlic, chilli powder, masala and a dollop of yoghurt before serving which adds to the freshness of the dish.