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16 JULY 2019


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Getting customers to come in and try your food is the first step in creating a successful restaurant. By using promotional strategies that highlight the taste, creativity and perhaps affordability of your restaurant items, you can make customers interested in your restaurant. Effective promotion strategies can also help transform new patrons into regular customers.

Give Discounts

You may have a lot of local competition due to chain restaurants and these restaurants may be difficult to compete against. Steal an idea from these chain restaurants by using discounted days for certain food items. For example, you can offer reduced drink prices during certain times. You can offer kids-eat-free programs on specific days. Half-off appetizers can also help encourage customers to dine at your restaurant. Make sure that the community is aware of your discounts by placing the information on a sign or banner outside your business. You can also provide a discount on the customers’ receipts so they will return to your restaurant.

Post Specials

Add your daily specials to a sign outside your business to encourage customers to try new foods. Add your specials to your website and your social media accounts.

Use a Website

Many customers use the Internet to find a new local restaurant. Make a website for your restaurant that clearly lists the directions and post your menu online. You can also add printable coupons and reward customer testimonials by offering future discounts to encourage new patrons.

Sponsor a Team

Use a local little league or community soccer team to help drive interest to your restaurant. Sponsor a team by paying for their uniforms and using your restaurant name on the shirts. You can also cater snacks during the game or host events at the end of the season. Although this may cost you more money upfront, you will reap the rewards later by having return customers pay for their next meal.

Distribute Fliers

Make fliers with important information about your restaurant, including the address, phone number, type of cuisine and specials. Selectively distribute these fliers by having an employee personally hand them out. Try to give fliers to businesses and organizations that correspond with your type of business. For example, if you serve healthy dishes, distribute the fliers at health food stores and gyms. If your restaurant caters to families, distribute fliers at swimming pools, schools and bowling alleys.


Get many potential customers in the door by hosting an event at your restaurant. Some options include hosting a holiday party, fundraiser, an art show, a comedy show, a live band or a fashion show.

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