Hazards Manual Handling – What are the specific Hazards

Hazards: Manual Handling – What are the specific Hazards?

21 June 2017

Hazards: Manual Handling

What are the specific Hazards?

  • Tables and dining rooms, delivery or collecting of plates, cutlery and drink trays or serving customers. Many of the activities in your industry involve manual handling.
  • Manual handling injuries usually result in strains and sprains to workers’ lower back, however they may also involve the neck and limbs. On occasions injuries may result in surgery or life-long disability affecting your career and social life.Injury may occur suddenly or develop gradually over a period of time.

ASK for training!!

To reduce the likelihood of suffering an injury as a result of manual handling, it’s important to:

  • Try and organise your work so manual handling is limited
  • Reduce repetitive or sustained bending
  • Push rather than pull
  • Plan the task first
  • Use mechanical equipment where available e.g. hoists, trolleys, step ladders etc
  • When lifting or carrying keep the load as close to your body as possible
  • Use team lifts where appropriate.