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10 JULY 2019


How Restaurants can Deter Crime

Video surveillance systems are an essential tool in the fight against crime. Visible security cameras can act as a deterrent, since potential offenders will know that their actions are being watched. And since security camera systems have become incredibly cheap and easy to access, no restaurant or bar, especially those in high-crime areas, should go without at least a few cameras.

Restaurant and bar owners should also be vigilant about what’s going on inside their establishments. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect a restaurant or bar to perform accurate background checks before hiring employees. Failing to do so, and subsequently hiring someone with a history of violent felony convictions, would likely open an establishment to legal liability.

Security Precautions For Parking in a restaurant

Most violent crimes don’t actually happen inside a business, but outside in the parking lot. That stands to reason. If you wanted to commit a violent act, you wouldn’t do it inside, where other customers or the business’ employees could catch you. You’d wait until your victim was outside, alone in the parking lot and pre-occupied by finding their car keys. As a result, parking lots should be illuminated at night by bright lights and, in most cases, overseen by security cameras.

During high-traffic hours, it’s probably a good idea for restaurants and bars to contract with a parking company, both to handle vehicles and watch over the lot. At the least, an employee stationed near the establishment’s entrance can use a clear line of sight into the lot to watch for signs of trouble. Security guards, either trained private contractors or off-duty police offers, are another sure-fire deterrent against criminal offenders.