RASA follow up


31 JANUARY 2019


We invite you to open the Africa Fast Food & Restaurant Summit with a KEYNOTE ADDRESS.

Please see formal invitation letter attached (inc. dates, venue, possible topics).

We have left the topic widely open.

Note that this is an inaugural event identified by our Events Production and Development Team, therefore footprints to previous offerings are unavailable. To assist your decision making processes, we have included a rough guide of the nature of our event offerings under general Info below.

Should you be available on the dates slated, we would love to have you “chair” the event. This would then change your keynote address from the 1st session (opening speech) to the last session (closing speech), as you would be directing proceedings from the front for the entire duration of the conference. If unavailable for the two days, you could attend your presentation slot only.

General Information:

Targets: We target an audience of +100 delegates in plenary (the closed-door sessions limited to industry players and stakeholders) per event. Depending on the response to exhibition (which varies from industry to industry), we open up access to exhibition stands for all and sundry interested in learning about product offerings, opportunities etc…

Attendance: Our events are mostly attended by SA (+50%), Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, with a few delegates from other countries on the continent. However, invitations are extend to ALL relevant African companies by our expert sales team working on a particular project.

Delegates: ALL fast food and restaurant chains will be invited.

Please send us written confirmation, a headshot photo and a compressed profile/bio (no longer than 80 words) should you accept this invitation.


Irvine Makuyana
Events Coordinator

Tel: 011 615 2320
Cell: 078 877 2042
Email: training1@circuitmedia.co.za