06 AUGUST 2019


By properly coordinating Dining Room Service Systems, Topserve Consulting helps restaurants and hotels to streamline employee performance, enhance customer service reputation and increase profits.

The main goal is to help restaurants achieve a long-term success in a competitive industry known for its high failure rate.


1.   Restaurant Performance Evaluation – During a very busy shift, Topserve experts will discreetly have a meal at your restaurant and critically review all significant points relating to the “dining out experience.”

These points include the Restaurant’s Outward Appearance, Front Door and Dining Room Appearance, Menu Analysis, Ambiance, Dining/Wait Staff Steps of Service, Skills and Technique, Food and Beverage Knowledge/Upselling throughout the dining experience, Food Preparation and Quality, Service Ending, Payment Handling, Restrooms, and much more.

The great thing is that Topserve can send out different “professional restaurant people each and every time for a review, so there is always discreetness.

Here is a sample performance review:

This option is extremely useful for keeping the restaurant service management and staff “on their toes” at all times, since they won’t know when the next performance review is coming.

2.   In-Depth Analysis of Restaurant Service Operations – During the very busy shifts, Topserve experts thoroughly analyze and troubleshoot your current restaurant service systems.

The evaluation includes reviewing the efficiency of how the dining room connects to and functions with other “liaisons of the house” such as the kitchen, bar, point-of-sale, accounting system – and most importantly the customers at the tables.

Through intensive Management/Staff dialogue and meetings, our goal is a major upgrade in restaurant service mechanics, attitude and staff performance which ultimately reduces costly mistakes, increases sales and repeat business heavily.

A detailed report for the restaurant is submitted within three business days of the last on-site consulting visit.

Topserve diligently works “in sync” with the theme, menu and desired service level including your vision of success as a restaurant owner or manager.

3.   Operational Manuals and Forms Implementation: These are sample templates used to set up, organize and “fix” policies and procedures of the dining room service system including all staff positions. They are customized to your day to day operations saving you much needed time, energy and effort.

All manuals and forms include: Basic Employee Operational Manual, Restaurant Performance Evaluation Guide, Floor Management Preparation Sheet, Host/Maître d’ Training Manual Including Guest Reservation Record Sheet, Waiter Training Manual, Basic Bar/Beverage & Wine Knowledge, Wine Opening Basics, Food Preparation Methods & Menu Upselling, Busser and Food Runner Training Manuals, Bar & Beverage Control Evaluation Guide, Sample Scheduling Excel Sheet, Job Application Form, Employee Disciplinary Form, Guest Incident Form.

Please inquire within as all materials can be purchased separately.

4.   Per Diem Fee – This is applicable for a minimal number of hours/days of employment. The fee entitles professional advice from Topserve Consulting on the restaurant service systems including dining room staff training. Monthly Retainer fees also available depending on restaurant consultant availability.

***Richard is also available for speaking engagements that include very informative lectures on how to provide excellent restaurant and hotel customer service in today’s tough economic environment.