Tips and advice


11 JULY 2019


They can be attractive targets of criminal activity.

The following information is provided to serve as a frame of reference for the restaurant industry:

  • Eating and drinking establishments comprise the largest segment of the retail industry.
  • One out of three adults eats in a restaurant on a typical day.
  • Over nine million people are employed in the food service industry in the United States.
  • One out of four retail business locations is an eating and/or drinking establishment.


Restaurant Risks and Vulnerabilities

  • Armed Robberies
  • Armed robberies offer a great opportunity for injury or death.
  • Current and former employees and their friends are of ten involved.
  • The most vulnerable times for an armed robbery are during opening and closing periods.
  • Cash in the restaurant should be kept to a minimum.
  • No one, either hourly employee or manager, should be allowed to be alone in the restaurant.
  • Employees should enter and leave utilizing the “buddy system.”
  • When opening, one enters and checks for security – related problems.
  • The other employee waits outside until they receive an “all clear” signal.
  • When closing, one employee should exit the restaurant, proceed to his/her motor vehicle and drive
    around the restaurant to look for any security concerns.
  • If no problems are observed by the first exiting employee, an “all clear” signal should be given before others leave the restaurant under the observation of the first employee.
  • If problems occur during either opening or closing procedures, one employee should always be in a position to go for help or call for help