Supplier Promotion


30 AUGUST 2019


Sloane Meat Market has been supplying quality meat since 1975. We started out as the small butchery in the corner of the Sloane Park Shopping Centre with only eight staff and a limited product range. Over the years we have created a reputation as one of the finest butcheries in the country due our high quality products and friendly service.

In March 1995 we were given the opportunity to expand into a larger store also in the Sloane Park Shopping Centre and currently have over forty staff members. In addition to our expanding we also decided to expand our product range and now include a range of local and imported cheeses, cold meats, wines, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, ready to heat meals, a hot lunch counter and a fine selection of imported goodies from around the world for you to enjoy – all of which complement our fine butchery products of which there are over 500 to choose.