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26 JUNE 2019


Welcome to the latest edition of the Fisherman’s Deli Wholesale newsletter!
Check out this month’s newsletter for our supplier spotlight as well as a delicious recipe using our seafood that will add a warm, comforting meal to your table.

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Our supplier spotlight of June is

Tiger Brands

Founded in 1921 by Jacob Frankel, with some help from Joffe Marks, Tiger Brands Limited -formerly known as Tiger Oats Limited – was built on the strength of family
businesses and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Tiger Brands focuses on the core business of FMCG categories that spreads
across the value chain. They are home to a number of brands ranging from baby care and home care to groceries and snacks. 

Visit their website to find out more:

We’re More Than Just Fish!

We have weekly deliveries of the freshest fish in town, but we’re more than just fish! We are distributors of chilled and frozen seafood, groceries, condiments
and much more! View all the products we have available on our website.
You can order any of our products and have it delivered to you.
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Classic Spanish Paella – by Cafe Delites

A deliciously warm & spicy bowl of comfort!

Together with fresh fish, we are also stockists of fresh, frozen and chilled seafoods that is perfect for any dish. Try out this delectable paella recipe here using our fresh prawns and calamari and you’ll definitely be in for a treat!

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Congratulations to Wynand Visagie for being our June Employee of the Month! 
Thank you for your excellence and for being a Fisherman’s Deli star!

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