Supplier Promotion


27 AUGUST 2019


Invictus provides a proactive, outsourced Industrial Relations management service, with the aim of assisting and contributing towards the overall management of companies on a daily basis.

Regardless of the size of the organisation, Invictus aspires to identify and solve problem areas within the workplace, thereby ensuring the efficient operation of companies.

We are a strategic partner that offers a wide range of employment related services, a comprehensive infrastructure, personal attention, and immeasurable long term benefits.

Our services include, inter alia, managing issues relating to termination of employment; the provision of policies and procedures within an IR best practice framework ; overseeing and co-ordinating relationships with unions and other representative bodies; dispute resolution; legislative compliance; labour audits; as well as training.

The above is achieved by a team of industrial relations managers who are assigned to your company, thereby allowing you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our highly qualified specialists as soon as we assume the responsibility of your Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management.

Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of any successful business rests on establishing and nurturing long term relationships with clients. In order to achieve this we strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction. As a result we have designed our products and services with this philosophy in mind.

Our Vision

We would like to distinguish ourselves as the leading provider of Industrial Relations services in Southern Africa.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our vision through building close, long-term relationships that are based on honesty, integrity and trust that ultimately produce immeasurable financial benefits. This is achieved by enabling our clients to focus on their core competencies whilst peripheral matters, such as labour concerns, are managed by individuals with specialised skills and expertise.

Through an effective time and cost approach we provide employers with a unique and proactive solution in order to meet each company’s individual needs.