Supplier Promotion


08 AUGUST 2019


South Africa’s No.1 Sugar Brand, with a proud reputation for quality and excellence, offers a wide range of catering sugars and sweeteners in line with our commitment to delivering the best sweetness in every format.

As the largest manufacturer of sugar sachets in South Africa, Huletts has established a reputation for the uninterrupted supply of consistent quality products to hotels restaurants, fast food outlets, guest houses, B&Bs, coffee shops and caterers.

Huletts white and brown sugars are available in tubes and standard sachets. The sachets are a firm favourite in the hospitality market, not only because of the quality of the product, but because of their inspiring messages, which have helped build the strong emotional value that consumers place on the brand.

Huletts also offers personalised sachets, which help create brand awareness and can be used as an effective promotional vehicle.


For slimmers and diabetics, Huletts offers low kilojoule and low GI options, namely Huletts EquiSweet and Huletts EquiSweet with Sucralose – an aspartame free alternative. Both of these products are available in tube sachets.

Customers enjoy the convenience of the widest range of catering sugars and non-nutritive sweeteners from the biggest manufacturer in South Africa. The range is backed by an efficient national sales team and distribution network.

All Huletts catering products carry Halaal and Kosher certification, further ensuring that our products meet the needs of all consumers.