Restaurant Specials


10 JULY 2019


The humble cucumber is good for more than just Vitamin B – it’s also tasty in a good goblet of Hendrick’s Gin.

This unsung hero of the fruit world is about to be thrust into the spotlight on World Cucumber Day on 14 June – and as usual, Hendrick’s has something unusual in store. Since cucumbers are so valuable to your health and your gin, they’re turning them into currency.



Enter the cucumber exchange – bartering was the form of trade back in the day, after all. Leave your wallet at home. At participating outlets on 14 June, bring a cucumber and receive a delectable Hendrick’s gin and tonic.

So why cucumber? Well, Hendrick’s distillation process includes a fusion of rose and cucumber which in turn produces a smooth gin with both complex and light flavours – and of course, dropping a slice of cucumber into your glass ensures a heightened experience of this.

Following the success we have experienced previously when it comes to converting cucumbers to currency, we once again invite those with curious minds and a predisposition for escaping the conventional to participate in this marvelous celebration of Hendrick’s Gin’s cucumbrous infusion. Unfortunately, counterfeit cucumbers will not be accepted. – says Shaun Stemmett, brand manager for Hendrick’s Gin in South Africa.

The good news is that the cucumber exchange runs from 14 May till 14 June, so you don’t need to wait!

You can participate at the following outlets:

  • 14 on Chartwell
  • Village Table
  • Katmandu
  • Mike’s Kitchen Umhlanga
  • Mike’s Kitchen Salt Rock
  • Hops Riverside
  • Fabrica Sunningdale
  • Robsons Ballito
  • Big Fish
  • Barrio

Enjoy the unusual responsibly.