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05 JUNE 2019


Size dose matter. The Grillfather Yoh Burger is more than double the size of a regular burger.


That’s the only way to describe this monster burger that’s fast becoming a Cape Town favourite.

The mighty burger, aptly called the YOH Burger, is made on a 30cm bun and topped with a 1kg patty, cheese, peppadews, mushroom sauce, chutney and chips.

The Grillfather restaurant in Mitchells Plain and Wynberg is the home of the Cape Town famous Tsek burger and now also the YOH Burger.

No one has yet been able to finish the 2.8kg burger alone, although many people have taken up the challenge and failed.

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The Grillfather owner, Shane Swiegelaar says he wanted to “do something different” when he created the monster burger.

“We did a collaboration with YOH Radio (a recently launched local radio station) and they wanted us to do something.

“So I thought, lets just make a big burger. It’s not just one big burger that you buy because it’s big, you buy it because it’s tasty as well,” says Shane.

I got full just by watching the kitchen staff put the whole thing together, as each of the items are carefully layered one on top of the other.

In just over two years, The Grillfather has become the burger joint of choice for many local foodies.

And while Cape Town is known for its gatsby, Shane says he wanted to create a unique product that people can still enjoy.

The R280 YOH Burger weighs 2.8kg.

“When I started ( this business) I knew I wasn’t going to (sell) gatsby at all. I know it’s a Cape Town thing, but there are enough gatsby places that stand out so I thought let us just be unique and it works,” he says.

Much like the gatsby, the R280 YOH burger is a messy meal that’s best enjoyed with friends and cut in four.


  • 15 Simonsig Avenue, Westridge, Mitchells Plain
  • 46 Church Street, Wynberg