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13 JUNE 2019


The new cocktails at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

With a new season comes new cocktails. The Beverly Hills Hotel which is situated in the trendy Umhlanga Rocks area in Durban has launched their sensational summer cocktail menu and it’s delicious.

The cocktails have been created with fresh pressed juices and smooth sipping spirits especially for the hotel by award-winning mixologist, Nicholas Crouse. 

Below are the new summer cocktails at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Pink Pigeon Cuba Libre 

This cocktail is a classic on a twist on a ‘cuba libre’. This is a very simple drink that is made of freshly pressed lime, mauritian vanilla and a little bit of rum and coke.

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Selling rice: R98

Sunshine Of Your Love

This cocktail has got a bit of Absolut vodka, freshly pressed watermelon, a touch of lemon grass and topped with soda.

Selling price: R98

Hollywood Star

Hollywood star is a combination of a little bit of coriander seed infused gin, some purade mango, a touch of fresh lemon and some sugar.

Selling price: RR95

Summer Thyme Smash

The drink is smash. It’s a thyme infused gin with fresh strawberry with a little bit of lemon and sugar with crushed ice.

Selling price: R90

Cuban Holiday

This is a take on the original Daiquiri that a combination of fresh lime, sugar and rum but it is also with passionfruit and pineapple.

Selling price: R85

Kentucky Derby

This cocktail resembles a whisky sour with more bourbon, pineapple, bitters and vanilla which are all flavours that go amazingly well with the bourbon.

Selling price: R98 

Award-winning mixologist, Nicholas Crouse who designed the new cocktails at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Crouse says he is excited to do something new that brings fresh made, well balanced cocktails to Durban.