Restaurant promotion ideas – how to attract new customers

Restaurant promotion ideas – how to attract new customers

29 APRIL 2019


Restaurant owner always searching for new and fresh restaurant promotion ideas that will attract new customers.

There is no justification for a reduced number of customers and lack of initiative in the segment of marketing.

Get started

Planning of your restaurant promotion ideas may take some time, but trust me the work will certainly pay off. There are plenty of online and offline methods of restaurant marketing. In this blog I will write about some tried and, what is more important, effective ways how you can promote your restaurant business and increase profit. Most of them are affordable and easy to implement.

Visit companies in your neighborhood

Many owners forget about the companies  that surrounding their restaurant and are very important potential customers, especially during lunch hour.
For a start, select some target companies and groups from your neighborhood and plan a time to visit them. Personal contact with potential customers is very important. Introduce your restaurant to managers and directors and make a stimulating offer for them when they visit your restaurant or order food for delivery. Talk to them and leave them the leaflet about your restaurant’s offer.

Leaflet about restaurant’s offer must be small

Make sure that your offer lasts at least for 30 days and make the conversation with you potential customers friendly and open. Treat them as partners, not as strangers.
Leaflet with your stimulating offer must be professionally designed and small enough to fit in a wallet.
Don’t make big flyers and just leave them somewhere.
Also, don’t stick flyers under windshield wipers. The point is to present yourself and your restaurant in person, instead of being anonymous.



20% Off Is Enough To Attract Customers

In order to stimulate your potential customers, you must provide a discount of 20%. This percentage is enough to attract the targeted group of customers and make you a profit.
You can also offer, for example, two pasta meals for the price of one, which is a very useful way for attracting new customers.

10% Off On Delivery

For your restaurant promotion ideas we should not forget about a special 30 day, 10% discount on delivery. This is quite sufficient for a target company or group to get interested.
There are always new ways to attract new customers and increase your profit. The trick is to keep coming up with ideas and improvements and put them into practice.

Build Your Customers Database

Try to get emails of your potential customers that you can send daily offers and specials. Send the offers in the morning and certainly before noon when lunch hour has already begun. Don’t forget to put some tasty pictures and water mouth descriptions of offered food and drinks. When you build customers database you get the best tool for direct marketing strategies for your restaurant promotion.

Happy Hour In Your Restaurant

This promotion is intended to boost business during slow hours in a day. Happy hour is usually in a late afternoon Monday through Thursday, and often taking place at some period between 4 PM and 8 PM. In most cases the “happy hour” lasts longer than one hour.Let your customers enjoy happy hour food and drinks prices after a long working day! Make a happy hour menu with half-price wine lists, cheap cocktails, and side dishes and you guests would happily pay and eat much more.

Use Sports Season For Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Use various sporting seasons as a good way to get customers into your restaurant. Make a menu with a special offer during the season or free delivery. Make a dinner discounts or organize different parties like super bowl party in your restaurant or bar. This is a perfect idea for pizzerias. Also, you can give sports names to some of your dishes or drinks from the menu list, even funny once. Lure people to eat in your restaurant instead staying in the house.

Tips: Provide a large screen to your guests and enjoy in watching sports matches. Buy team t-shirts for your staff and combine them in a new wait staff dress code.

Wine Tasting In Your Restaurant

You will need some time to plan and organize wine tasting, but a successful event can bring in continued business long afterward. You can organize wine tasting night any time during the year. Be sure that you choose lighter wines in the summer and heavier varieties of wine in a winter time.

Tip: Contact the wine producers or their distributors and co-organize this event. This can also improve your relationship in the future.

Best days for an organization of this kind of event are Friday and Saturday when people can relax and not have to worry about going to work tomorrow morning. Think about your guests drinking habits. A good time is just after lunch or dinner time. People certainly can drink more after a good meal.
Print formal invitations and give it to your guests with a menu and/or create an online invitation and send it to restaurant’s fans on social networks or websites that deal with restaurant and wine business.
Keep in mind that the tasting area will be too crowded so make it practical. Avoid flowers for table decoration. The fragrance of flowers should not be mixed with the smell of wine. Candles should be also avoided. Nice arrangement of glasses and plate with grapes would be just enough for wine tasting table decoration.

Theme Dinner Party In Your Restaurant

Theme dinner or even lunch party  can help you to get new restaurant promotion ideas. Choose a theme for your guests such as Italian dinner party. Make a full Italian experience for your guests. Set the table cloths in the colors of the Italian flag green, white and red. Or if you don’t have it buy only napkins in these colors.

For music, choose Italian canzone which will in one moment change the atmosphere in your restaurant, and become very romantic. And of course, make a menu with a special offer of Italian food and wine which is an indispensable element of Italian specialties. I m sure that your guest will have a lovely time and come to visit your restaurant again.

Make The “Food Event“

If you want to attract young people in your restaurant you need to give them more than great food.

Many restaurant owners still agree with the fact that the best promotion is by Word of Mouth. But for Millennials these Word of Mouth is more like Written words – shared thoughts and comments about your restaurant on social media channels or portals like yelp or open table.

To get their reaction, you need to work hard to give them customers experience which they will remember in a positive way and share it with their friends. This means Great food, Great service, Good prices, Nice atmosphere, Good music, Clean toilette etc. Satisfy guests will usually become your regular guest.

Lately, becomes increasingly difficult to meet guest’s demands. The new generation wants a „Food event“ not just nice food and good service. They need more. If you want to get them in your restaurant you need to give them what they want.
Furniture in your restaurant should be more stylish and fancy, include flat screens and “sick art ” from famous local artists. All these things make a lounge-like ambiance and provide plenty of interesting things for Millennials to capture it on their mobile phones and share it with their friends.