INVITATION: Tobacco matters; so do you – it’s controversial we know


01 AUGUST 2018


Tobacco counts in SA’s economy
Draft legislation threatens jobs and individual freedom

The Draft Control of Tobacco and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill is physical health fanaticism
and an assault on mental health, human dignity and personal liberty.  And – it threatens jobs and the economy.

SpeakersFrancois van der Merwe*, Chairman, Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa (TISA)
                    & Leon Louw, Executive Director, Free Market Foundation (FMF)

TISA is concerned that the draft controls will damage a major industry that contributes jobs and wealth into the economy. This heavy handed legislation has unintended consequences and should be reconsidered not least because of the link between illicit trade and extreme regulatory proposals.

Francois van der Merwe will cover:

·         The significant contribution of the tobacco sector in South Africa
·         Main problem areas in the draft Bill
·         TISA’s key concerns and proposals
·         Latest statistics on the illicit tobacco trade in South Africa

Leon Louw will address: Fake Tobacco Control = Real People Control / Remove the right to smoke = suppression of free will / Is your “bad habit” next?

·         Tobacco is inert and cannot be controlled. All control is people control.
·         Bill treats human beings as state-owned biological organisms devoid of minds and souls.
·         Erosion of consumer protection is parading as business regulation.
·         The phony impact assessment conceals inconvenient truths about the erosion of consumer rights.

TUESDAY, 17 July 2018

11h00 – 11h30 Registration (sandwiches, tea & coffee will be available)
11h30 – 13h30 Presentation & discussion

Free Market Foundation, Block 5 Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston
(opposite Sandton Medi-Clinic)

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Francois van der Merwe has been actively involved in the tobacco industry for more than thirty years. As a tobacco farmer he has a close understanding of farmer challenges, but also of the many issues faced by the manufacturing sector. He is currently the Chairman of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa (TISA), which deals with matters pertaining to farmers, processors, merchants, manufacturers, exporters and importers of tobacco products, with a mandate into the SACU region. Since 1998 he has represented South Africa at the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) as a member, Chairman of the Africa region and also as the global President for four years (2012 – 2016).

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