13 JUNE 2019


The Old Road Wine Co. is an original wine brand from Franschhoek is a brand that does not take itself too seriously.

Instead, the Old Road Wine Co. draws on the local stories, humour, critter labelling, and very old vines. Inspired by the history of Franschhoek, Old Road Wine Co. drew inspiration from unlikely personalities to add extra charm to its wines.

The home of the Old Road Wine Co. is designed as an ‘any occasion’ venue, situated at the entrance to Franschhoek, between the Old Main Road and the historic railway line.

Choices here are plenty, and consumers can opt to enjoy various wine tastings, sundowners on the Anemos deck or indulge in a leisurely lunch or dinner.

Labels range from the trendy to the stately, with backstories that include a hungry dog, a mischievous station master, a misfiring butcher, an industrious grandmother, a poor blacksmith, a gossiping ‘smous ’ and a trusted postman, amongst others.

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Wines are matched to innovative dishes by Chef Reimond van der Walt. These can either be enjoyed outside on the Anemos deck, framed by the beautiful view of the Franschhoek Mountains, or in the eclectic interiors.

In The Fat Man Restaurant, guests are welcomed by a visual tribute to the colourful artisans of the past and a mature elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere.

The Old Road Wine Co. was conceptualised by a group of investors with a mandate of participating in the future of the South African wine industry.