12 JUNE 2019

Coffee is one of Africa’s biggest exports

The African coffee industry has not always been kind to the communities who grow the commodity, but the implementation of fair trade practices across Africa ensures farmers and cooperatives are fairly compensated.

Africa Month, which takes place during May aims to celebrate the continent’s vibrant and diverse history and identity. One of the continent’s biggest exports is coffee, with the Sub-Saharan region having ideal climatic conditions to produce high-end beans.

Africa not only produces the finest quality coffee beans with the best aroma and taste, it is also a continent rich in innovative ideas that support the environment and make coffee production sustainable and affordable for producers, distributors and consumers.

Countries such as Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda have detailed traditions and ceremonies celebrating the commodity – making African single origin coffee, a world-class brew.

“By drinking African Certified Fairtrade coffee, you are driving much-needed human and economic development in Africa, whilst helping the environment. That’s definitely something to celebrate,” says Jonathan Robinson, Founder of Bean There Coffee Company, South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee, who provides single origin, unblended coffee beans ethically sourced from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo and Kenya.